Cairo Film Connection: los seleccionados

Ya se anunció la lista de proyectos seleccionados en Cairo Film Connection, que se celebrará los días 5, 6 y 7 de diciembre dentro del 34º Festival Internacional de Cine de El Cairo.

Han elegido 12 proyectos de todo el mundo: 10 en fase de desarrollo y 2 en postproducción.

10 Projects in Development


*Metronome directed by Islam El Azzazi
How competition, attraction and lack of confidence condition the simplest day-to-day exchanges between them.
A WIKA for Production & Distribution production.

*My Australian Son directed by Assad Fouladkar
A traditional Lebanese patriarch must rethink the values he places on his culture and family after he rebellious son he disowned is unexpectedly killed.
A Fat-hallah Film Company production.

*Rehleh directed by Meyar El Roumy
56 years after « Viaggio in Italia » by Roberto Rossellini, director Meyar Al Roumi follows two young lovers on a trip from Syria to Teheran. Like Rossellini’s film, we’re invited for a journey into beautiful scenery and mixed feelings.
A Bizibi production.

*Sahara directed by Ahmed Rashwan
About 800 km away from Cairo, in the oasis of Siwa, harsh nature plays a significant role in the formation of the characters of our film. In this place, 3 characters from different cultural and social backgrounds meet, so what interaction will they have with the place and also among themselves?
A Dream Production production.

*Seducing Leila directed by Assaad Kelada
A fish-out-of-water romantic comedy about an American man who goes to Egypt and discovers love.
A Desert Door Productions production.

*The Sales Agent directed by Alaa Azzam
Fares, a traveling sales agent is overworked and exhausted by his work and the hustle and bustle of Cairo. He meets Zeinab and falls in love with her. But they cannot be together because of societal and financial pressures. His friends think of an ingenuous plan for him. It backfires.
A Real Image production.

*Until Morning directed by Hisham Bizri
The story chronicles the passage of several characters through Beirut during an ordinary day. Maurice, a Christian, and his New Yorker wife Helen, struggle with the memory of their son’s killing. Meanwhile, Yusuf, a disaffected Muslim writer, tries to make a good life for himself and his finance, Malak. The characters go about their business, crossing paths with a gallery of indelible Beirutis. By the end of the story, the couple has come to realize that transcending misery requires re-birth.
A Ginger Beirut Productions production.

*When We Are Born directed by Tamer Ezzat
Three young Egyptians are all approaching 25, while they are struggling to fulfill their dreams in love, fame and financial stability.
An In House Productions production.

*When Traffic Stops directed by Wael Omar
An homage to Cairo that takes us on a ride, when five stories collide in a traffic gridlock. Told through the lenses of 5 characters in a struggle to reach there destination, only to realize that -in Cairo- our fate is all tied together.
A Middle West Films production

*69 Messaha directed by Ayten Amin
A human comedy about a 62-year old man facing death from a terminal illness, characters from his past (ex-wife, older sister …. ) invade his loneliness leading to gradual changes in his vision of life.
A Collage Film Production House production.

2 Projects in Post-Production


*In the Last Days of the City directed by Tamer El Said
A filmmaker coming of age in a city falling apart.
A Zero Production production.

*Two Meters of this Land directed by Ahmad Natche
Several people meet in an open-air theatre in Ramallah, during a summer evening, to prepare a music festival that will be broadcasted on TV.
A Turab Films and Moodswing Films production.

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